BLOG #4 Oh My Mind!

Ah-ha moments. They can be so pivotal; they unlock a whole new avenue to be explored.

And I just experienced one!

This massive realization reminded me of another I had a few years ago, it was absolutely life changing as well. That one came when I was listening to a very respected Mentor share his wisdom. He stood on stage and he gave the crowd permission to have more than one ‘why.’

Have you heard of this term? It’s the idea of having a ‘Why’ behind doing something, as part of your motivation for achieving a goal. It’s usually something very powerful; wanting to give your kids a better life or wanting to stop generational trauma and create a legacy. Some have used the saying, ‘Your why should make you cry.’

This mentor taught me that it’s ok to have a bag of why’s. A big huge bag of them!

*Cue the Lightbulb*

Oh, the relief! It was totally all right if I had one ‘why’ when it came to a certain goal, and a different one for another. Sometimes even a few ‘why’s’ depending on the situation. And if it doesn’t make me cry – its ok, nothing is wrong with me. It’s all good.

I have carried that beautiful bag of why’s with me since that day. Some of them have changed and evolved, there are some tried & true in there, and some new ones too.

I had always embraced the idea of a ‘why’ – I was never opposed to it.  I thought I understood the notion, but when this extension was clarified to me, it opened up a whole new way of looking at it. My comprehension was greater, even though I wasn’t aware that I needed more knowledge on the concept.

This experience taught me that, even though we might think we have a good handle on something, there could be a new perspective or new learning that can further our understanding more, if we are open to receiving it.

I shared in the last blog that I’m currently working towards becoming a Certified Neuro Change Practitioner™. Last week our sessions were about Mindfulness and Mindset. Excellent, I thought to myself – I really know this stuff.

I wasn’t trying to be facetious, or egotistical. Perhaps a little naïve though. I glanced at the pre course work, and felt like I was fairly familiar with the material. My schoolboard (I am a licensed Elementary Teacher in the province of Ontario) embraces mindfulness and a Fixed vs. Growth Mindset is often discussed.

As I settled in to listen to the week’s lectures, I quickly realized there was much more to be learned. Just like my experience in realizing I could have a ‘bag of why’s’ instead of just one – I discovered new extensions of understanding the world of mindset.

I knew about the differences between a Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset, and how instrumental this awareness can be in a personal development journey. What I didn’t realize is … ready?!

You can have BOTH Growth Mindsets and Fixed Mindsets in different areas of your life. Actually, you do. We ALL do.

Wait, what? As my daughter says, multiple times a day…

Yes, when it comes to mindset, we should be talking in plural. We have many mindsets when it comes to many different areas of our lives. We can have a growth mindset in certain areas, while having a fixed mindset in other areas.

We did this one exercise, (we do a lot of practical application and reflection) – it was so enlightening. Sitting at my kitchen table, I was able to identify areas of my life where I have a Growth Mindset, for example: intelligence, I truly hold a strong belief that one can learn anything. But oh my, do I ever have a Fixed Mindset when it comes to physical exercise!

Does being aware that I have growth mindset in some areas – mean I am capable of having a growth mindset in all areas? Fixed mindsets are often very unconscious. We need to do some hard work to figure out what they are and where they are, so we can work on changing them.

Easier said then done. Point is, it CAN be done!

And that is just the beginning of all I am discovering in this particular course Module. Here I thought this one was going to be a little lighter because I was familiar with the concepts. But looking at mindfulness and mindset through the lens of neuroscience is so incredibly eye-opening. What is happening in the brain when we are practicing mindfulness paves the way to explore our fixed mindsets. Oh, so much to learn!

Have I mentioned that once I pass the exam in the spring, and become certified, I will be able to share this learning along with evidence-based tools and techniques in my professional personal development practice?

So much more to come. I should get back to studying, so many more keys to find and locks to crack!

February 3, 2022


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