BLOG #5 My Labour of Love!

Here it is… my labour of love is finally ready! So yes, I PASSED!! I passed my NeuroChange Practitioner exam – THREE MONTHS AGO. It’s been about 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks since I completed the course. I was SO happy; I wanted to shout it out from the rooftops! I made a Facebook post…

BLOG #4 Oh My Mind!

Ah-ha moments. They can be so pivotal; they unlock a whole new avenue to be explored.

And I just experienced one!

This massive realization reminded me of another I had a few years ago, it was…


Get in Touch!

Ready to Rise?Are you committed to tapping into your minds ability to create change?Neuroscience has proven that the brain we are born with is not the brain we die with.As a CERTIFIED…

Lift & Shift

Get in Touch!

Are you feeling stuck?Are there areas in your life where you feel trapped?I can help you lift & shift out of these feelings and situations.Neuroscience has now proved that we absolutely CAN…


Get in Touch!

Is there an aspect of your life where something feels ‘off’?Perhaps it’s a family dynamic, a relationship, parenting, career?I will be offering a safe space to land.We will unpack where you are…


Neuroscience, neuroplasticity, neurophysiology…   what the neuro Cheryl??

Okay, listen – I never thought my yellow loving, prince adoring, history major self would end up here either. But here I am, and I’m totally fascinated.

So, neuroscience…

BLOG #1 : About Me


I’m Cheryl Ann Healey

My mother is the only one who calls me Cheryl Ann though.  My close family calls me Annie – stemming from a hearing delay that affected my speech when I was…

About Me

I’m Cheryl Ann Healey.
I love coffee, anything yellow & I think Prince is the greatest artist of all time.
Read more about me by clicking on my photo.

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