BLOG #2 : The Birth of Shift With Cheryl

I feel like I have been birthing this for a very long time.  I purchased the URL ‘’ years ago. It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

The word ‘shift’ was inspired by a company I partnered with. I thought for sure I would develop it into something that would be a part of that business journey. I even hired a branding company to brand it– I knew there was going to be a bunch of yellow, need to start somewhere, right? But when I was asked (multiple times), “What exactly IS ‘Shift With Cheryl?’ I couldn’t put it into words. I didn’t know… YET.

As time passed, I kept trying to figure it out. What is this going to be? It kept changing… I couldn’t find a groove. I would get an idea and think about it for awhile, then it would dissipate.

I slowly came to realize – I think this is much, much bigger than I originally thought. This is not about that business – this is about ME. All the shifts I have made in my life. Helping others shift theirs. Ok, bigger. Got it. Now what?

On the advice of one of my amazing mentors, I was encouraged to cast a net out there in social media land by way of a Survey Monkey. I just put the link up on my personal Facebook wall and shared that I was trying to make some decisions, and invited those who were willing to answer a few questions for me.

Over 150 people completed the survey!! It was so incredibly informative. It confirmed I was on the right track with a few of my ideas, and way off with a couple others!

Here is Question 1:

So interesting right? The number one answer was ‘Specific tips on emotional health, happiness and ways to lead an authentically positive life.’ Okay, the wheels were churning. But wait, there’s more!

Question three had this overwhelming response: out of 154 respondents, 113 chose that it was ‘Very Important’ that someone who shares tips and suggestions on a topic, has actually gone through it themselves. Easy – check!

Then, there was this one:


So, at first, the part of me that respects academic veracity was thrown for a total loop. What do you mean academic credentials came in last – just 10 out of 154? What does this mean? My initial thoughts were: don’t people want professional opinions? I was confused. I needed to sit with this one. 

I deeply value the academic world. Obviously, it is not the ONLY world of value. There are many excellent avenues of education.

For me, if I was going to delve into mentoring others, I strongly felt like I needed the ‘credentials’ to do so. I didn’t think personal experience alone gave me the right to do that. At first, if I am being totally honest, and vulnerable – I thought it was a bit audacious. I was wrong. But it took me a little while to get there.

So, are these respondents telling me I don’t need to go back to school and get my Masters in Psychology, a Ph.D. in Neuroscience – to share my thoughts on wellness and personal development? Is this block I am stuck on about ‘credentials’ more in my head, because the message on the survey was clear.

More contemplating. Wondering. Wandering. Meditating.

Do I really want to go back to school? I already have two university degrees.

Do they make me ‘better’ than anyone? Certainly not.

I did work really hard in both those University experiences. Years of my life, tens of thousands of dollars in student loans… the lectures & seminars, the essays & the exams, the graduations. Other lessons learned in those years – at the dorm parties, the student pub, the budding adult relationships. Those university years have had a profound impact on my life, in so many ways. The Degrees hanging on my wall may be just paper to some, and that’s ok. They are much, more to me. I am so proud of them, and that’s ok too.

Why do I feel like I have to really emphasize this? Clearly, I have some work to do around that. Noted.

After looking into many ‘back to school’ options, courses and certificates – I made the decision that I didn’t want to proceed with another University program, but I DID want some academic accreditation. I understand from the survey the majority are not concerned with it as much as the personal experience part. As I look to honour the feedback of these questions, I have to honour myself as well. It’s important to me.

And I found it. I found the perfect course! I am so excited to share what I am learning with all of you, it’s so fascinating! When I complete the course, and pass the exam – I will become a CERTIFIED Neuro Change Practitioner. Stay tuned.

One last question I want to share about how this survey helped birth what Shift With Cheryl is becoming is Question #5:

Almost tied here are; the overwhelm of too many options and, not feeling ‘duped’ or sold into something else.

I want to discuss the latter for a moment, more to come on the rest.

I have been strongly encouraged to ‘call this out’ – unequivocally & clearly. To speak my truth as honestly as I can, and then leave it.

So here it goes:

Yes, I do have an online business that I have been involved with since March 2016. I truly love it. And there is not a microscopic shred of doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today, writing this blog right now – if it weren’t for the saving grace of that company.

Working online helped me survive an overwhelmingly difficult season of my life. It allowed me to build a schedule where I could see my daughter almost every day after my separation. I was there on her first & last days of school, the assemblies and the field trips. I was able to volunteer in her class for a few years, I loved that I could spend time with her and work when she was asleep and at her dads.

If my time with my online business came to a close tomorrow, I would be very sad. I certainly don’t want it to end. But it has already given me more than I could have ever asked for. My sanity during those tough years, the income to provide for my daughter and I as we navigated single motherhood together – and the memories she has of me being so involved in her first few years of school. Its irreplaceable, and I am grateful beyond measure.

I am not leading you down the road of that business. This will be the last time I refer to it here. What I am doing here is in NO way some kind of back door connecting to my other online venture. There will be no crossover here. There will be zero mention of it on this site after this blog entry.

It is a huge part of my story and genuine part of my truth, so I needed to share it.

And it has absolutely led me here, to you.

Can I teach part -time, run an online business and nurture a self-development site based on my personal experience along with a Neuro Change Method™ certification?


Shift With Cheryl is born!


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